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Bra Strap Extenders/bra back extenders

Bring Back Comfort to Bras! Ideal for bras that shrink in laundering and in between sizes.

bra extender 1 lines Total length:9-9.5cm

colour: white black nude dark red

1 hook 19mm;

2 hook 28mm; hook space 9mm

2 hook 38mm; hook space 19mm

3 hook 50mm; hook space 18.5mm

4 hook 38mm; hook space 19mm

ideal for adjusting your bra to allow it to grow with you leaving plenty of room. Fabric shrinkage and weight gain (temporary or otherwise) make for uncomfortable fitting bras.

Inexpensive hook-on bra extenders relieve pressure and give extra life to bras in otherwise good condition. Ideal for the temporary weight gain of pregnancy.

Bra Strap Extenders/bra back extenders

Soft Back Bra Extenders instantly increases the length of your bra band!
Great for maternity, weight gain and odd-size bras.
Increases bra band up to two inches. Plush backing and hooks that fit most major bra bands.
Available in Assorted Colors.

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