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Collar Extenders

Plus Tabs Collar Ext-3 Pc. Attach to top shirt button to expand collar one-half size.

  • Is the collar of your favorite dress shirt a little tight? Loosen it up with a Collar Extender!
  • A Collar Extender adds up to ½" to the neck size of most button up dress shirts changing a slightly snug collar to a "just right" fit.
  • Extenders are really easy to use, just slip it right between your existing button and button hole.
  • The collar extenders are made of white, non-elastic felt. There's a white button sewn on one end and a button hole on the opposite end.
  • The extender's button goes through the button hole on your shirt and your shirt button gets pushed through the hole on the extender.
  • The extenders are only available in white, so they will be visible on colored shirts. However, they will not show when worn with a tie.
  • Dimensions Extender Dimensions: 15/8" L x ½" H Button Diameter: 7/16" Button Hole Dimensions: 7/16" L x 1/8" H
  • Product Weight Less than 1 oz Available
  • Colors White
  • Care/Washing Instructions Hand wash Made of Non-elastic felt Collar Extenderscollar extender
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