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Instant buttons/magic buttons/Perfect Fit buttons

Add or Reduce Inches on Your Waistband Instantly with Perfect Fit Button!

  • This amazingly simple little gadget instantly and easily lengthens -- or even shrinks! – waist size in almost any skirt or pair of pants, and it will fine tune and custom tailor the appearance of your suits, too.
  • perfect fit buttons is the newest way to get your pants, jeans, or skirts to fit perfectly everyday, all the time
  • Includes: 1 x "Jean" Style buttons, 1 x Brown buttons, 1 x Black buttons 1 x Khaki buttons
  • Adjust A Button for Denim: Removable instant fix fashion button for tight or gaping waistbands for a perfect fit on jeans
  • Great to use for weight loss or gain, in-between sizes, and various body shapes.
  • Perfect for holiday and travel!
  • Close the back gap - Pear body shapes can tighten the gap between the body and waistband.
  • Smooth 'Muffin Tops' - Apple body shapes can extend jeans to avoid fleshy overflow.
  • No Bulky Belts - Streamline instead of adding thickness to the waist.
  • A quick fix for lost or broken buttons.
  • Finally, a movable button that alters waistbands in a flash! Adding or reducing up to 1.5 inches is as easy as inserting a pin.
  • Simply poke through on outside of existing button to tighten, move to inside to loosen.
  • Strong spring back clasp locks button in place yet quickly releases for repeated use.
  • Don't sacrifice comfort, customize your fit with Adjust-a-Button.
  • Perfect Fit buttonsmagic buttons


    Anyone can use Perfect Fit Buttons on their clothes – even kids -- because they just couldn’t be any easier. Just pierce the fabric with the shaft of the Perfect Fit Button, snap the special lock fastener on the back . . . and give a huge sigh of relief. Your pants, skirt or suit suddenly fit perfectly, with no pinch and no bag. When you’re ready to remove the Perfect Fit Button, just squeeze the back and pop off the button and shaft. An instant fix on denim and other medium weight fabric, and it also works perfectly on corduroy, suede and leather.

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